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Simple Products That Help Transport Those with Partial Disabilities

Some people need a little help getting in and out of their vehicles. And people with partial disAbilities may have difficulty when transferring from the wheelchair to the vehicle seat but don’t need a ramp or lift. If you need basic support or equipment, a wide variety of products can be installed in your current vehicle.

If you can stand with or without assistance and turn and walk a few steps, items like grab bars, running boards, special seats and other equipment can transform your standard car, van, truck or SUV to your liking.

Grab bars and running boards can be put wherever you need a little help. They are inexpensive and can be added to most vehicles.

Assistive seating: A seat swivels out, you sit down, then it swivels back into the vehicle. Easy and convenient. Some even lift you into the vehicle and lower you back to the ground or wheelchair. Basic seats can be installed in large sedans and SUVS; others in minivans.

Wheelchair and scooter lifts lift the wheelchair and stow it in the trunk of a large sedan, back of a minivan or SUV, or back of a pick-up truck.