When is the last time you were so excited and impressed that you were compelled to write a wonderful letter to your wheelchair van / adaptive equipment dealer?

We have received more unsolicited letters like these over the last  25 years than we can keep track of, and this customer feedback is truly what we live for!

Enjoy these heartfelt letters from our clients:

I am compelled to this review because I’m now convinced that Jim, George, and the rest of the crew at Automotive Innovations are not just in it to put food on the table. Jim runs his business like all businesses should be run. They not only will fabricate what ever you need, they do it right and they care greatly about each customers satisfaction with their work. I purchased a vmi northstar conversion van from AI in 2012 and since then have needed their help a few times. Each time I’ve been to AI I’ve been treated more like a friend than a customer. In between discussing the modifications I’m there for and Jim’s love of off-roading, I also inquire about the other vans he’s got in the shop for mods. He’s always happy to tell me what kind of work he’s doing on them but as part of the rundown I get some background on the owner of the vehicle and why the mods have to be done a certain way. The fact that he knows what he knows about his clients says to me that he’s doing the best job possible. Every disability is different, each requiring a specific vehicle modification to get that person back on the road and in my honest opinion Jim and the AI crew have the skills to get you there.

-Brian Blanchette, (t5 para) Rhode Island.

Has the BEST Steering system in the USA!!!!!!!!! Every one is designed for the client and vehicle to be installed in! They DESIGN and BUILD them themselves!! They also service there customers 24/7! I wouldn’t go anywhere else! They bring integrity to the business!


By Lori A. Frankian 5/5/1997

Can you imagine waiting 14 years to get behind the wheel of your very first vehicle?  If you are physically challenged you may know what “waiting” is all about.  I am 30 years old and confined to an electric wheelchair due to Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a fabulous little disease that affects my muscles and nerve cells.  Why did I wait so long to get my license you ask? In all honesty, there was no real effort made to raise the money for a new van when I reached legal age to drive.  A year later at 17, I moved to Boston to attend Northeastern University and who needs a car while attending college in the city?  I attended the five year school, graduated and decided to remain in the city and establish a career for myself as an theatre / film administrator.  The years passed and my patience for traveling out of my way to find an accessible train station with operating elevators began wearing thin. It was definitely time to pursue the options available to me towards purchasing a van.  I had been missing out on so very much and I needed to move forward in my life.

After years of saving every penny that entered my pocket, I finally received the green light for modifications funding from the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission. It was time to purchase my van.  I bought a red Plymouth Voyager in June of 1994, and in a few months was driving on my own!

I no longer have to haul groceries home from the store in the pouring rain, losing half of them as they spill over the arms of my wheelchair.   I can drive my van home with as many bags as I want.  I do not have to struggle in 25 inches of snow when trying to get to work.  I now have my van to guide me wherever I want to go with ease.  I can travel to the most beautiful locations within the US for the very first time on my own.  Nobody will ever tell me that, “there isn’t time to stop.”  I am driving now and if want to stop, I am going to stop!  I could go on and on sharing the wonderful changes that my new found independence allows but I am sure you get the picture.

I am so very thankful and appreciative of the people in my life that made it possible for me to get behind the wheel.  For starters, I thank my father for handling the constant wheelings and dealings between the car dealership and outside vendors.  He was very protective of my hard earned money and made sure that I got exactly what I was paying for and then some!

I thank Bob Sondheim at the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission for making sure that the funding was granted for the  modifications that allow me to operate my van.  Without my Dad or the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission,  I would not have had a van or modifications that would allow me to drive.

Last but not least, an enormous thank you goes to Jim Sanders at Automotive Innovations in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.  Jim and his wonderfully trained staff are responsible for building my van, putting every crucial piece of technology in its proper place and for making it operate with grace and efficiency. Automotive Innovations specializes in vehicle modifications and adaptive technology including high tech vans for physically challenged drivers. They are leaders in New England, known and respected for their quality, commitment and innovation. It’s the 90’s and technology is beyond our wildest dreams.  Automotive Innovations knows their stuff.

At first, I was intimidated by the electronic hand controls and the tiny steering wheel that I would drive with. I wondered, “will everything operate safely?” “Will my steering system fail to operate as I am driving down the highway?”  “What if my door jams and doesn’t allow the ramp to open, trapping me inside?”  These are a few of the questions that ran through my mind before Jim gave me a thorough explanation on all operation procedures and back up system functions.

Jim and his staff have been there for me from the get-go and I know they always will be.  I have called him on many occasions with questions and he was ready and willing to help me at a moments notice.   If it wasn’t for their high quality workmanship, I wouldn’t have the reliable form of transportation that I have today.  For that I will always be grateful.

Every time I get behind the wheel I am thankful that I have such an amazing form of independence to experience.  If independence is foreign to you, then I am sure you know where I am coming from.  If not, I ask that you appreciate the little things in life such as walking up steps and entering a public bathroom, finding it ready and willing to accept you. Life should never be taken for granted.  It’s the little things in life that should be treasured because they can be taken away within an instant.  Even if it is as simple as driving down the street to pick up a cup of coffee!  Appreciate your freedom, I know I do!

-Lori A. Frankian Boston, MA

I want to thank you immensely for all your personal service.


Hi Jim! Just an overdue but nonetheless very sincere thank you for making the acquisition of our new van so effortless for me.But what I also want to convey to you is how pleased I am with the improvements in the 2013 from the 2010!  The car seems to ride quieter than the previous one, and the radio system is awesome. Now we may have to travel across country to hear them all! I want to thank you immensely for all your personal service. You are a true asset.

-All the best, Joe

Jim, Amber, Ray and The VMi New England Family,

I just want to take a minute to thank you and your sales team for your help when I was buying my 2010 Chrysler Town & Country Touring in November of 2011. I had some special circumstances behind my purchase, and most of the dealers were not willing to work with me on any of them. They gave me the impression that they simply wanted to make the sale as fast as they could.

However, your dealership was different: they took the time to understand that I was buying the van to have it converted into a wheelchair van and that I needed to verify facts about the van before I would even know if I could buy it. They placed the van on hold for an extended amount of time and let me do what I needed to do without any pressure.

Then, when it came time for me to finally sign the paperwork, they understood that I did not drive and came to my house to complete the deal. Furthermore, you can be sure that if I have any friends looking to buy new cars in the future, I’ll be sending them to Bridgewater, MA

I would like to thank everyone for helping me with this difficult process. I really love the van. I was able to ride in the van for the first time, three weeks ago and I wish I had more reasons to be out in it.

With kindest regards, Steve

I have had two vans fully outfitted by Automotive Innovations and not only does the work and equipment prove excellent, I trust everyone involved to work in my best interest. Repairs are prompt and they are all informed regarding both their business and a wide variety of disabilities.

-Mark (Incomplete Quad C4-C5)

All of our experiences with VMi New England have been very pleasant,. The owner, Jim and his crew have always treated us with respect and courtesy and have provided professional results.


Everyone we came in contact with was most considerate and helpful.


Dear Jim,
My wife and I recently purchased a 2010 Toyota Sienna Braun Modified Ramp Van from VMi New England and Automotive Innovations. We were very impressed and satisfied with the entire experience and highly recommend Jim Sanders and his family. Everyone we came in contact with was most considerate and helpful. We would like to single out Jim Sanders, Mobility Consultant, who guided us through the entire selection/procurement process. We are most appreciative for all he has done for us including her genuine concern that we select the proper van for us…last but not least, she had out new van delivered to our home! We are very happy with the van and the overall mobility it provides.

-Thanks, Dennis & Susan

Jim, the owner, is a businessman of integrity and craftsman at his trade.


Dear Automotive Innovations,
In view of a situation that required my wheelchair van to be serviced recently, I think it is important for you to know how my circumstance was handled by your service manager, Jim Sanders and your service tech. To sum it up in one word, I would have to say, MAGNIFICENT. David did all he could, to see to it that the part needed, was shipped in a soon as possible and was able to [fix] my ramp so that I was able to use my vehicle. He really went out of his way and showed a remarkable knowledge of the vans systems to override the system temporarily so that I could use my van…They are obviously a reflection on your management philosophy and training programs. I will continue to boast and recommend your company whenever I am asked about a conversion van. Thanks again for getting me back on the road.

Respectfully, Brian

Thank you for checking in with us. In the last four months we have driven the van just over three thousand miles. With all the driving were now able to do, I won’t to put on the extended warranty. We will always appreciate what you and what you have done for us over the years. We will continue to service and seek your advice whenever necessary. You have made my condition and life much easier and we thank you for this.

Sincerely, Charlie and Sarah Hogan

Thank you for making life just that much better


For the past 10 years I’ve been taking my handicap van to the company that did the conversion in NH. Over the past few years, their service has become – well, in short – terrible. We found Automotive Innovations on line and I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews, but without anything wrong with my vehicle there was no urgency to make the drive to there dealership. This week, my lift broke and you were my first call. Not only did I NOT hear “we can fit you in later this week”; I got, “bring it in right now and we’ll take a look”. My attendant arrived an hour later and after handing over the keys, was offered a refreshment, access to a tv and remote. She promptly called me at home to say how professional & courteous everyone was – very impressed! The van was fixed in about an hour. What a fantastic experience. Sadly, finding truly personalized customer businesses these days’ is quite rare. You fixed my van and made my day. Thank you for making life just that much better thanks to you and your entire staff!

All the best, Mark L.

Great customer service, excellent location and displays. Thank you for helping our family.


Automotive Innovations assisted me though a very difficult process.


 I recently purchased a used 2007 Toyota Sienna with a custom  steering/gas/brake, etc. After installation and an initial fitting, George had me in the PERFECT position, needing no further adjustments. Georg’s expertise, intuition, creativity make him a INVALUABLE craftsman . His patience and communication skills are also valuable assets. I thought you should know this so that you can assure that he stays and grows with the company. Kudos also to so many others at Automotive Innovations who assisted me though a very difficult process.

Thank you, Pete.

Thank you for the prompt turn-around service.


Dear Jim,
Thank you for the very professional way in which your service department handled the maintenance check and service on my Braun van. It operates great and will serve my need until we send it back to you next year for a follow-up check. Once again thank you for the prompt turn around service.

Regards, Chris

I am able to recommend Automotive Innovations to others.


Dear Jim and Amber
I would like to bring to your attention the wonderful service we received from David at the Bridgewater facility. He went above and beyond what I expected when he represented my situation with Braun. He is professional with integrity. This is true of your entire staff at your Bridgewater Mobility Dealership. Please thank David for us. It is because of this team, I am able to recommend VMi New England and Automotive Innovations, to others. Our Sincerest Gratitude,

-John & Mary (North Attleboro, MA)

5 star quality and care [makes] it literally impossible to even try to find any place better


We have gone to Automotive Innovations ever since we bought our first handicap accessible conversion van in 2005…We moved from Tampa, FL in May,2005 and have received nothing but the best services from Mr. Jim Sanders.

-Bob D

At the end of 2010, I contracted with your Bridgewater office to have my 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan converted to a Braun Entervan. The van was delivered to me just before the holidays…working with the staff in Bridgewater was a pleasure and they went out of their way to ensure that all discrepancies were resolved to my satisfaction. The leadership in your organization truly believes in customer service and it was evident in all their actions. Each person that I dealt with was very knowledgeable and professional…Normally you do not encounter this attitude and level of professionalism in the automotive industry and I feel that it is important that they be recognized for being the true professionals they are.
Sincerely, John (Norfolk, Working with the staff at Jim’s Bridgewater Mobility Dealership was a pleasure.


Dear Jim:
I am writing to you to tell you about the extraordinary service my family and I have received from everyone at your Bridgewater location. When our non-profit organization needed to purchase a van for a family who had two sons in powerchairs and no way to transport them, you was very accommodating and helpful and worked to find a great van for our beneficiary family.

Sincerely, Ron

We value our friendship with the Sanders family at Automotive Innovations they have certainly made very loyal customers out of us!


Dear Jim,
I just wanted to let you know how much we value our friendship with you and the guys in the shop. The tour was great – I’m glad to see what you do first-hand.

All the Best, Nancy

We were traveling from Norfolk, VA to Squam Lake in New Hampshire and while on the road heading for NH my van’s automatic door opening mechanism stopped working. We panicked, but then remembered we had a smart phone. My wife franticly googled looking for a local mobility dealership and we were very happy to find you and were lucky that you were  just a short ride away from our current location. Jim Sanders gave us perfect directions, fixed our van door and we were on our way in about an hour. Also we truly appreciate that you opened the shop for us and met us there on a Sunday! Jim needs to be recognized for his outstanding service and [Automotive Innovations] as an outstanding company.

Thank you! Bruce and Julie

Dear Automotive Innovations Staff,
I just want to express my gratitude for the beautiful job you did building and preparing my van for me. I was so uncertain about the van I purchased and was not sure if it would work for me, even though Jim Sanders assured he would make sure everything was perfect. It was very comforting to receive such excellent customer service, innovative craftsmanship, and concern on making the van work for me and keeping it aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and safe. At Automotive Innovations I felt that the customer truly comes first from management and from every employee I dealt with I am truly grateful that I chose Jim and Automotive Innovations for my van and will highly recommend it to any individual who needs a modified van Again, thanks to all of you from a very satisfied customer.

Sincerely, Tom B.

I have always felt like I was your only customer.

Thank you, Roger

Hey Jim,
Thank you all so much for what you did today. You guys are truly awesome, as always. I shouldn’t be surprised because you have always been great to us. And while I know that it’s the furthest thing from the truth, I have always felt like I was your only customer. Such a contrast to the last van modification company we used. I have no doubt that if we just “popped in” with an issue like we did today.

-Thank you! David S.

Hi Jim,
Customer service is exceptional!!!!  Again Jim, let me say that we are very impressed with the customer service that you offer at Automotive Innovations…David has been very instrumental in understanding our concerns with the accident and stability of the van and was exceptional in his service and recommendations to send the van [for a second opinion]… You have again proven themselves to be supportive of the customer and understanding of the needs.

Thank you, Rich

Thanks so much for coming to our aid when our old van suddenly developed a new problem. You removed the trauma from what could have been a very bad day. You are the best!


After the accident at age 17, I lost my ability to drive. Your company gave me back that ability approximately 2 years ago. I started driving again in 2008. Thanks to the wonderful staff at Automotive Innovations, I was back on the road again. That van gave me more freedom than I ever imagined having again in life. It gave me the ability to go when I wanted to go. I didn’t have to wait on anyone to picked me up and carry me places. That van gave me back the freedom I lost at age 17. Before I got the van, my travels were very limited. I rarely ever went out of State. But after receiving the van, I traveled to NH, CT, RI and even Virginia. The van that Automotive Innovations equipped for me, open up a whole new world for me. I was all over the place.

Thanks for everything, Nathan

After our short drive to Automotive Innovations from North Attleboro we are greeted by Jim. He has a friendly smile & is always courteous & helpful…everyone has been very accommodating. Whenever we had a problem, David has found a way to schedule us in immediately. Jim has worked diligently to meet our needs. The staff has been creative/innovative in making the necessary repairs. We are thankful to found Automotive Innovation.

-George Leven

I want to express my appreciation and thanks to you and the entire staff at [Automotive Innovations] for making the purchase of my Sienna Rampvan an enjoyable experience. From the drivers who transported me to your facility and home again, to the staff in the front showroom who always had a friendly hello, to the mechanics in the back shop, I was always treated with kindness and given courteous attention. Thank you to George for being so patient while making modifications to the van and then adjusting them until I felt comfortable with them…No mere “thank you”, however, will ever be enough to express my appreciation…But more importantly, Jim proved to be a wonderful, caring, giving person, and, as a result, I found someone I am grateful and proud to call “friend”.

-Pete R

It’s people like you who make a difference for people with a disability


Dear Jim,
I am writing this to you to thank you for the wonderful job that you have done on my vehicle. It’s people like you who make a difference for people with a disability. You went above and beyond to get everything done for me and for that I am very grateful. You have made it possible in an impossible situation with R.M.V. For without you doing the work on my vehicle I would have been stuck in an impossible situation, so thank you very much…You went out of your way, plus doing the extra work. You made sure that I was going to be safe on the road. So thank you very, very much.

-Sue K.

Dear Jim Sanders,

I just wanted to take a minute to express my extreme satisfaction with some work I had done recently at your Bridgewater facility…David and the other staff examined my van carefully and an interesting discussion ensued. The main issue that David stressed over and over again was safety. He was determined that whatever solution they arrived at would provide the greatest safety possible. It’s conscientious employees like David that make all the difference!

Sincerely, Mark Wentworth

To Whom It May Concern: Though words will fail me here, please allow me to express my deep gratitude to all the folks at Automotive Innovations.  Jim Sanders was my first contact at Automotive Innovations. Our personalities meshed wonderfully, and I found Jim to be very knowledgeable with respect to resources and process for which I am very thankful. George, in his tasks, is very methodical, exacting and deliberate (critical skills, in my opinion). George is more than a modifications expert – he is an angel on earth. God bless that man, truly. Honestly, To write about them all, would take a small book!  Automotive Innovations has a motto, “We Deliver Freedom.??? For me and all clients, you folks deliver a new lease on life. Needless to say, all of my driving requirements in the future will be provided by Automotive Innovations.

Sincerely & respectfully submitted, David E. Dickman Jefferson, MA (1996)

” Its worth the drive, I live in the western part of Massachusetts and will never trust my van to anyone other than Automotive Innovations. They have been taking care of me and my vans since 1996. When a company comes through for you time and time again whats that worth? For me it’s priceless and the drive is irrelevant.”

Chris P Whately, MA (1994)