Wells-Engberg Mechanical Hand Controls

Their mechanical hand controls provide safe, easy and more convenient vehicle operation as well as being priced competitively with other manufacturers. They manufacture 4 different types of mechanical controls to suit all needs.

Wells-Engberg controls come with a universal mounting, using a common set of connectors which allows installation in the majority of domestic and foreign cars, light trucks, and vans equipped with automatic transmission and power brakes. They also have designed special mountings for some vehicles which make installation even easier.

Their two cable controls are supplied with a mounting which allows the cable to be run directly to the accelerator pedal itself. Wells-Engberg is constantly striving to keep up with the automobile manufacturers and supply the physically challenged population with the most advanced products available.


ct100 rotary cable controlCT-100 Rotary Cable Control

  • Mechanical control with a flexible accelerator cable going directly to the accelerator pedal assembly twist handle (same as motorcycle grip) to accelerate.
  • Push handle toward brake pedal for braking.
  • Control is mostly aluminum and is black anodized.
  • Uses universal mounting brackets.
  • Order either right or left hand.
  • The cable design allows reduced amount of hardware in driver’s area. This gives the driver more leg room.

cp200 Right Angle ControlCP-200 Right Angle Control

  • To accelerate pull handle down.
  • Cable attached to handle goes directly to the accelerator pedal assembly.
  • Push handle toward brake to brake.
  • Control made mostly of aluminum and is black anodized.
  • Uses universal mounting brackets.
  • Order either right or left hand.
  • Cable design reduces hardware which allows more leg room.

MC-25 Rotary Mechanical Control

The rods are attached to both the brake and accelerator pedals. In order to operate gas pedal you rotate the handle (same as a motorcycle grip). To use the brake you push the handle toward the brake pedal. This Hand Control is made of steel and is painted black. The MC-25 uses universal mounting brackets. There is very little interference with able bodied drivers. It can be installed on the right or left hand side.

Chrysler RTI Minivan Controls

Chrysler RTI CP200 right angle

CP-200 Right Angle Hand Control

CT-100 Rotary Hand Control

CT-100 Rotary Hand Control

Wells-Engberg makes special RTI (Ready To Install) hand controls for the 1996 and newer Chrysler mini-vans.  They provide a permanent, rigid installation that is quick and easy.

 Pneumatic Hand Control

Pnuema right side mounting

Right Side Mounted Hand Control

Pnuematic door mounting

Door Mounted Hand Control

This control is operated utilizing air pressure in its own self-contained unit. The pneumatic control operates the brake and accelerator using a push-pull joystick with very little operating effort and a short stroke. These controls have been in the field since 1982 and have proven to be very reliable and, with proper maintenance, trouble free.