Massachusetts Rehabilitation Technology Vehicle Modifications Services

Rehabilitation technology is the application of technology to meet the needs of people with disabilities. Its purpose is to eliminate barriers and enhance opportunities in education, rehabilitation, employment, transportation, independent living and recreation. Assistive technology includes devices, aides and enhancements used in rehabilitation technology.Rehabilitation technology services are provided for people with severe mobility, learning, emotional, visual, hearing, neurological, neuromuscular and other disabilities. They may be provided:

  • to enhance functional capacities by eliminating or minimizing functional limitations imposed by disability.
  • to lead to and/or expand vocational rehabilitation, independent living rehabilitation, and employment opportunities by eliminating barriers.
  • to conduct eligibility determinations and to develop an Individual Plan for Employment.

How Are Services Provided?

  1. A person with a disability applies for Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) services to the MRC VR Program or applies for Independent Living Rehabilitation services of the MRC Community Services (CS) Rehabilitation Program.
  2. The consumer is referred to the Rehabilitation Technology Unit by their VR Counselor or CS Specialist.
  3. The Rehabilitation Technology Department conducts necessary consultation and evaluations with the referring persons, consumers, employers, agencies and other service providers.
  4. Recommendations are then made to the referring person and the consumer.
  5. Necessary follow-up will be initiated by the referring person with consultation from the Rehabilitation Technology Department, as necessary.

Comparable Benefits: Consideration of comparable benefits is not required for rehabilitation technology services. Other resources readily available to the individual should be utilized whenever possible.

Financial Need: Rehabilitation technology services provided as part of an evaluation or assessment are not subject to financial need. Rehabilitation technology services provided as a rehabilitation service under an IPE are subject to financial need.

Right to Appeal: An individual may request an appeal concerning an unresolved dispute, a decision to suspend, reduce or terminate services, or denial of rehabilitation technology services. Prior to appeal, the individual may be able to resolve the dispute by contacting the MRC Area Office Director or CS Program Director, the Client Assistance Program or the MRC Ombudsperson.

What Services Are Provided?
MRC’s Rehabilitation Technology Department provides advice and consultation regarding the availability, quality and application of technologies such as assistive aids and devices. Services can include:

  • Vehicle modification and inspection
  • Training and follow-up on the use of any equipment provided
  • Mobility devices
  • Computer hardware adaptations
  • Worksite modifications