Hand Controls

As an Adaptive Dealer in Massachusetts we know Freedom. It’s an essential part of an active life. It means setting your own agenda, getting behind the wheel and going where you want to go whether you’re running errands across town or visiting family and friends across the country. Ergonomic driving controls keep you actively involved in your world.

We have had a fully equipped machine shop with equipment like lathes, milling machines, press brakes and iron workers. We don’t just mount hand controls with hose clamps like the other guys, we fabricate custom brackets for each application and take the time necessary for a quality installation that will out last the vehicle.

We offer a lifetime warranty on our installation. If you ever feel there is something wrong with your hand controls (even if we didn’t install them) please come in for a free inspection by a certified mobility craftsman. We have more money invested in one piece of shop equipment than most shops have in all there tools combined.

Mechanical Hand Control Examples

Mechanical Hand Controls Driving aids

This hand control has a knob grip that fits comfortably in the palm of the driver’s hand. The knob grip and bent brake rod are standard on this unit. The bent brake rod allows mounting the handle control higher in the vehicle to provide more driver convenience and comfort. The exclusive center pivot of our control allows the grip to be pivoted away from the door for more hand clearance and is recommended by driver evaluators. This hand control can be equipped with a foam handle or horn and dimmer switches. Also available with a foam grip.

Mechanical Hand Controls Driving aids

This control has everything the left offers plus additional features and is recommended by driver evaluators. The offset handle is fully adjustable 360° to provide additional knee clearance, more leverage, or to locate the handle closer to the turn signal. This handle can also be used to adjust the angle or pitch of grips equipped with wrist supports. The use of the Tri-Pin gives greater steering control. We can easily install these items.

Our wide selection of hand controls puts you in command of your vehicle, enabling you to enjoy a driving experience that minimizes fatigue.