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Renting A Wheelchair Van

There are 3 key points that everyone looking to rent a wheelchair van should be aware of.

  • Rentals can be delivered – even to airports
    Having your vehicle with you is not always an option. Wheelchair van rentals just may be the right thing to make your travels, business functions, and more, easier.
  • Rentals come in both minivans and full-sized vans
    Wheelchair vans are rented for more reasons than vacation travel. Transportation for bigger chairs or multiple people may facilitate the need for different vans for different situations. Depending on your rental location, you have the option to rent either a full-size van or a mini-van.
  • Rental vehicles can be a good way to find the right vehicle for you
    Test drives are critical for determining what vehicle is right for you, but what if you want to make sure the vehicle will work perfectly for your day-to-day routine? Rent the wheelchair van! Renting different vehicles may help you truly determine what ramp style, vehicle type, or door height will give you the best results for your daily routine.