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Portable Ramps

Portable Ramps Offer Accessible Solutions
Portable wheelchair ramps are a durable yet relatively inexpensive alternative to permanent ramps or lifts. Ideal for use in situations where permanent fixtures are not convenient or available, most portable ramps can be safely used by both scooter and wheelchair users to access vehicles, homes, and other raised spaces.

Solid Ramps
A solid ramp requires no assembly and is easy to use with its single piece design. Generally constructed from aluminum, these ramps offer a slip-resistant surface ideal for wheelchairs and scooters up to 600 lbs.

Suitcase Ramps
Suitcase style ramps are made up of a single-fold design and feature carrying handles that increase portability. Available in a number of lengths that provide access to various heights, including some minivans and SUVs, suitcase ramps are ergonomically designed to provide stability while remaining light enough to be carried by a single individual. Depending on the incline, caregiver assistance may be needed in order to utilize these ramps.

Folding Ramps
Folding ramps offer the convenience of an easily condensed design, allowing for this type of equipment to be transported without hassles even in small vehicles. Single, double and triple fold ramps can be stowed and taken out for use when necessary in mere minutes, making the process a speedy and convenient one.

Thresholds may provide a simple and cost effective solution for rises in doorways, sliding doors and raised landings. These portable ramps rest against doorsills (inside or outside) to provide a smooth transition from the floor onto the raised step or landing. Either trimming the ramp or adding risers can also adjust the accessible height.

When permanent ramps are simply not a viable option, portable solutions can ensure you are able to fully enjoy your day without worrying about accessibility issues. Whether you’re loading the car up for a long trip or simply getting around inside your home, portable ramps and thresholds can ensure you have full access to your surroundings.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) recommends a 1:12 slope for wheelchairs and ramps, which works out to 1 foot of ramp to each inch of rise. For residential use it is usually recommended not to exceed a 2:12 ratio.