Vehicle Maintenance

Oil changes:
Older cars need oil changes every 3,000 miles, but manufacturers of newer ones typically suggest 5,000 miles, 7,500 miles or even longer intervals between changes. If you don’t drive much, change it twice a year. (Synthetic oil is expensive – maybe twice the price.)

Air filter:
If you can see light through the filter paper, it does not need to be changed yet. But change it at least every 20,000 miles or more often when it’s dusty (lots of construction or at pollen time).

Windshield Wipers:
Replace them yourself at least once a year (most recommend 2 times a year).

Adding additives to the tank?:
Don’t bother. All gas has them. Since 1994, the government has required that detergents be added to all gasoline to help prevent fuel injectors from clogging.

Tire rotation:
Every time you have an oil change have the tires rotated. Tires at the right pressure and balanced properly save one or two miles per gallon – and the expense of new tires.

Your car needs antifreeze in both summer and winter for its anticorrosion or antiwear additives. A 50-50 mix with water is suggested, unless it came diluted when you bought it. Read the label. (Keep a spare bottle in your trunk in case the car overheats on a hot day.)

Rust Treatment:
Rust is a serious problem and spreads like a rash. It can shorten the lifespan and value of any vehicle. You should have your vehicle treated for rust twice a year. The best times to prevent rust damage to your vehicle is in Autumn: before the first snowflake falls and Spring: after the first heavy rain fall; a little vehicle maintenance will help keep the rust away.

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