Save Big When Purchasing a Dodge Wheelchair Van

2013 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT VMI Northstar DR552571 front right side
You’ve found the ideal Dodge wheelchair van to meet your needs and now it’s time to determine exactly how you’re going to pay for the vehicle. Here are some things you can do to improve the buying experience.

Are You Purchasing from a Dodge mobility dealer?

If you’re buying a new Dodge wheelchair van, you’ll want to consider these pointers before you even think about opening your wallet.

Time is everything.
You can get the best possible prices on a vehicle in the last two weeks of December and between July and October. If you can hold off on a purchase until one of these date ranges, you’ll pay less.

Do your research.
You can pay less for a new vehicle if you do your homework. Know what other dealers are doing and seek out the best possible deals. Knowing what’s happening in the market can give you real negotiating leverage.

Don’t limit your choices.
You don’t need to restrict your choices to the vehicles on the lot. You can have a mobility dealer order the wheelchair van you want and those vehicles that come from the factory shouldn’t cost you a penny more than the ones that are already at the dealership.

Are You Purchasing from an individual?

Paying for a used Caravan, Grand Caravan sold by an disabled individual or caregiver can pose a few unique challenges. Keep the following advice in mind:

Be careful with cash.
Unless you personally know the seller, you should be cautious about showing up anywhere with a large quantity of cash on your person.

Be prepared to pay with a cashier’s check or money order. Many individual sellers will be wary about accepting a personal check from a buyer.

Stay away from wiring money.
Don’t utilize services like Western Union or Moneygram to buy a used wheelchair van. These outlets are often used in fraudulent activity and may not provide you with adequate protection.

Exercise caution.
If you’re considering using an escrow or shipping service when paying for your Dodge wheelchair van. Many people have lost their money due to criminal behavior on the part of those claiming to offer a legitimate service.

Are You Paying for Dodge Wheelchair Van Conversion?

Buying the underlying vehicle may only be part of your plans. If you’ll be paying for modifications, as well, consider the following:

Look for assistance.
Your state’s Department of Vocational Rehabilitation or development services offices may have a program to provide financial assistance for wheelchair van conversions. The Veteran’s Administration may be able to help vets qualify for funding.

Check with your insurance.
Depending upon your personal situation, you health or worker’s compensation insurance may provide benefits that will pay for part, or all, of the necessary modifications. Thoroughly investigate the opportunity.

Talk with your Dodge dealer.
Some dealers can actually wrap the financing of your mobility package up with your vehicle loan. You’ll end up with a single payment and you may save money on the interest rate in the process.

Get a prescription.
If you can get a doctor’s prescription for your planned modifications, you may be able to exempt the expense from sales tax. If you’re not responsible for those taxes, you’ll be spending less money.

Buying a Dodge wheelchair van requires a little bit of planning, thinking and investigation. If you follow these recommendations, paying for a Caravan, Grand Caravan or Sprinter should be more enjoyable and less expensive.

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