Why does Honda make wheelchair vans?

Why does Honda make wheelchair vans?

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Truth be told, Honda isn’t in the business of making wheelchair vans. It is in the business of making great vehicles that readily lend themselves to wheelchair van conversion. Models like the Odyssey and the Element would sell well regardless of their use in wheelchair van circles. Honda undoubtedly appreciates their popularity in the accessibility market and takes that under consideration when making the vehicles, though.

As we continue to see an increased demand for accessible vehicles and the reputation of Honda wheelchair vans continues to grow, we can undoubtedly expect to see more Odyssey conversions on the road.

Honda’s Wheelchair Vans

The Odyssey minivan are extremely popular conversion targets and are happily used by thousands of people who rely upon wheelchairs.


These Honda wheelchair vans don’t roll off the assembly line ready for use. They start out as standard passenger vehicles and are then modified by conversion experts for wheelchair use. That happens because people hold the Odyssey and Element in high regard.

Honda isn’t known for full-sized vans, but two of its smaller vehicles have strong fan bases in the wheelchair van community.

Honda’s get strong marks from their purchasers on a number of fronts. Here are three of them:

  1. ◦First, they’re aesthetically pleasing. The Element is one of the more attractive vehicles that are well suited for conversion and the Odyssey impresses critics year after year with its good-looking design.
  2. ◦Second, Honda has earned their reputation for reliability and cost-effectiveness. These are sturdy, reliable options that consistently provide a great deal of bang for the buyer’s buck, matching the manufacturer’s overall profile.
  3. ◦Third, conversion pros have turned the process of making a stock Honda into an impressive Honda wheelchair van into a science. The adjustments necessary to make the transition are proven and effective. Put simply, these vehicles make great wheelchair vans.

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