Veigel North America Hand Controls

Veigel is the internationally leading manufacturer of driving school systems and driving aids for handicapped persons. They believe in absolute customer satisfaction which we are achieving by developing and manufacturing our products at the highest quality level.

With over 80 years of experience manufacturing adaptive driving products like, mechanical hand controls, and an in-house R&D facility everything Veigel manufacture has been designed and tested to meet the highest standards in quality, function and design. The average employee has 15 years of experience at Veigel Automotive. The combined effort of so many years of dedication and focus have resulted in the highest quality, most reliable and safest products on the market.

Veigel 4100 Classic Hand Control
The Veigel hand control is an accelerator and brake that fits perfectly into the interior of modern vehicles. Thanks to the ergonomically optimized handle and the additional individual adjustability of the grip angle the acceleration becomes easier, fatigue-free and adapts to every hand position of the driver. To accelerate you simply turn the handle on your hand control clockwise. In order to break, just push the hand control slightly front wise. The break can also temporary be locked in place. The hand control can also easily be fold away.

Veigel 4200 Compact Hand Control
Proven hand control technology from Automotive Innovations and Veigel in a modern design – this is the principle of the COMPACT hand control. The functional principle is rather simple: To accelerate the ergonomically designed handle is only to pull backwards. A short push forward activates the break, which also can be temporary locked in place. As the CLASSIC, the COMPACT can also be fold away.

Veigel Commander
The optional fitted Veigel Commander for CLASSIC or COMPACT allows the driver to conduct the most important secondary functions of the vehicle unstressed with just one finger. The device can be used very easily and merges perfectly with the award-winning Design of the Veigel hand control. In addition the Original lever can still be used as normal.

Veigel Basic-Commander
The Basic Commander enables the driver to indicating in each situation, even at a roundabout, without repositioning or letting your hand loose of the steering wheel. Also this switch is really easy to use and fits perfectly to the award-winning design of the Veigel hand control. Needles to say, that the original lever still can be used as normal.

  • The Basic Commander is available for the COMPACT and the CLASSIC hand control.
  • Classic leather-clad
  • Complying with your request you can order the hand control in leather-clad.

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