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Remote Start Your Vehicle This Holiday Season!

Remote Start Your Vehicle This Holiday Season!
Do you want to get the chill out out of your winter mornings?

A remote starter allows you to start your vehicle using a key-fob remote control―without going outside. If you left the heat or A/C on, it turns on when the engine does. Your car can warm up or cool down, so it’s nice and comfortable when you get in. A bonus is the warmed-up car thaws the ice on the windshield, too. And in hot regions, seats will be cooled off and you can touch your steering wheel without oven mitts!

How They Work
From your comfortable vantage point inside, press a button or two on the remote and your ignition starts. Your parking lights flash to signal it’s worked. To prevent a thief from driving off in your running car, the vehicle remains locked until you unlock it. You must also turn the key in the ignition before you can put the car in gear. If you change your mind, the remote starter can also turn off the engine, or the brake pedal acts as a kill switch.

That’s the simple, inexpensive version. But count on any gadget to be modified, improved, and tweaked to the point of becoming a major investment, if not a status symbol. That simple remote starter can also be a luxury add-on that can include a complete security system with alarm, two-way alarm notification, a different frequency each time you use the remote, the ability to transmit up to a mile and through concrete walls (in case you need to start your car from another part of town), an LCD status display, a temperature sensor that will start the engine if the outside air temperature drops below a certain point and more.

A remote starter could be a warm and wonderful Christmas present!!