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Accessible Valentine’s Day Ideas

For some, Valentine’s Day is a special day spent with a significant other, but loved family members and friends also make for a great reason to spend time with people you care about. With a mobility vehicle, there are endless possibilities when it comes to planning the perfect day with those closest to you. The following are a few date night ideas your wheelchair van can get you to and that are handicap accessible.

See a Show
Many local theatres and movie theaters run special shows or engagements on Valentine’s Day. Specially designed ramps are common and make for a great evening supporting local arts programs or just having an enjoyable time. Make sure to purchase tickets in advance and arrive early for preparation.

Plan a Romantic Dinner
Restaurants are booming on February 14 and, with a little planning, you can relish in an evening on the town. By using Google and/or Yelp! (which offers wheelchair accessible information), you can easily book a reservation for a handicap accessible table.

Leisurely Stroll in a Park
You can research ahead of time for events at local parks for a special evening with the whole family or a significant other. Festivals with crafts, food and music while walking under the stars would make a magical night on easy terrain. Your wheelchair accessible car can find a spot in the lot while you find one in a field or arena using available ramps.

Try Something New: Find a Drive-In Theater
If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, you can find a drive-in movie theater in your area. Take your wheelchair accessible vehicle and pile the whole family in for an affordable movie and distinct adventure. Enjoy the comfort of your mobility vehicle while you watch movies on the outdoor silver screen.

In all, with enough preparation, your wheelchair van can go anywhere you want with ease for a successful Valentine’s Day date.