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Funding Assistance

Where to Turn for Help Funding an Adaptive Vehicle
For most individuals seeking to increase their mobility and freedom through the use of an adaptive vehicle, financial struggles and worries can make the search a trying time. Luckily, there are a number of opportunities for those in need of economic assistance in the form of state grants, charitable organizations and manufacturer rebate programs, to name a few.

OEM Rebate Programs
When looking to cut your costs, vehicle manufacturer programs that provide monetary incentives are a great option. With credits of up to $1,000 being offered to families or individuals with disabilities purchasing an adaptive vehicle, this type of rebate can give you the economic boost you need to get back on the road.

State Grants
Each state provides financial aid to individuals with disabilities and their caregivers. From charitable organizations to groups that specialize in making mobility more affordable, opportunities for economic assistance can often be found in your own backyard. Find assistance programs in your area here.

Veterans Administration
Qualified service members and Veterans may be eligible for assistance towards the purchase of a wheelchair accessible vehicle or adaptive equipment. For more information visit click here.

Public Assistance
For those in need of an accessible or adaptive vehicle in order to get to school or work, those institutions may be able to provide assistance in the purchase of transportation.

Special Financing
Many dealerships offer competitive rates and custom-structured programs specially configured for those trying to purchase an accessible vehicle or mobility equipment. Financing options t can provide a more affordable solution to purchasing the vehicle you need.

While purchasing an accessible vehicle can open many doors when it comes to added freedom and mobility, many of us may need additional assistance in affording such a vehicle. In such cases, don’t forget to get to know your options. Getting on the road in an adaptive car or van may be easier than you think!