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Basic Hand Control Systems

The four Basic Hand Control System designs are:

  • Push/pull: Push the control forward to brake; and pull back and hold to accelerate. Not the most popular control as it must be pulled toward you and held to maintain speed, requiring more arm strength.
  • Push/twist: Like on a motorcycle, it requires twisting the handle for the gas and pushing the hand control lever for the brakes. Unlike the push/pull in that the driver doesn’t have to pull the lever back and hold to accelerate.
  • Push/right angle: (Most popular) Drivers push forward for the brakes. Push down toward your thigh with a slight pull to your torso for acceleration. Acceleration with the push/right is less fatiguing than push/pull as the weight of your hand holds the desired speed.
  • Push/rock: Not necessary to keep a grip on the control. The driver rocks his or her hand on the top of the handle, rocking back to accelerate and forward to apply the brakes, like a slot machine.

All four can be mounted on the right or left side depending on your preference or abilities.

How to Stay in Shape During the Off Season

It is hard to keep in shape during the fall and even more so in the winter season. This holds true more so for a person who is differently abled. During the time of bad weather, like rain or snow, it is almost impossible to get around or to get out and do a little running or pushing. There are always alternatives though, you could purchase or make your own weights. If you are less of a strength person and more of a stamina or cardio person, you can always take the time to go for a roll around the neighborhood or nearest public track, if there is one.

If you lack the transportation, are unable to leave the house, or bad weather bothers you such as rain, you can always invest in an indoor rolling trainer. This device assures you a cardio workout from the comfort of your own house or garage. Equipment like this can get exceptionally pricey, unfortunately. Some may think, “Why the high price for pieces of metal welded together?” if this is you, you can always construct your own.

There are stores online that sell the equipment such as these, that are needed for a person whose day to day life involves a disAbility.

If you are a handy person and like to make things there are also videos online on sites such as YouTube that have “Do It Yourself” videos on how to construct a rolling trainer. If you are looking for an alternative to working out this fall or winter season and do not know where to start, here are some simple questions to ask yourself. What is the purpose of wanting to get in shape? What do you need to work on more: strength, speed, stamina or all of the above?

You will need to figure out what exercises you are capable of. Once you have figured out your abilities and where you want to go with your workouts/exercises, the, there is no better time to start your road to health or training for a sport then as soon as possible. Make sure to be happy with your choices and be safe in your workout endeavors.