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The Pros and Cons of Private Transportation

The Pros of Private Transportation
Having your own accessible vehicle can offer you the ease of being able to travel at any time to any place. It can also give you peace of mind that if there should ever be an emergency where you need to reach the hospital or simply return home, you would be able to do so immediately. Your own vehicle could also accommodate the exact needs of your family. If you need a wheelchair accessible vehicle, this can be altered to perfectly fit the size of the individual wheelchair.

The Cons of Private Transportation
The downside to your own transport is of course the cost and maintenance of a vehicle. However, there are many providers of good quality second hand/used vehicles which can save on costs. Wheelchair permit holders will further benefit from being able to park their vehicle for in a more convenient location. If you or your child has limited mobility then this can be a real plus point.

The Pros and Cons of Public Transportation

The Pros of Public Transportation
Public transport is becoming increasingly accessible for passengers with disabilities and many buses and trains are now equipped with wheelchair access. There has also been an increase in public transport routes, which for many people may open up new opportunities to use public transport.

Many passengers with disabilities are entitled to public transport subsidies and fare reductions. This can make public transport an excellent option for those who are traveling on a budget or do not have access to their own vehicle.

Bus and train rides can also be very enjoyable experiences for many special needs children who are fascinated by watching the world zoom by outside of the window.

The Cons of Public Transportation
Public transport can mean long waiting times and unexpected delays. It can often also become crowded and noisy, which can make life difficult for children and adults with special needs. For those who require a wheelchair, space can also be a challenge. Whilst public transport can be a great solution for those who happen to be on the right bus route or train line, unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky.