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Four Tips for Boosting Productivity

Four Tips for Boosting Productivity

Productivity tips for caregivers
For caregivers, parents or people with disabilities, it often feels like there are not enough hours in a day. With a pile of tasks to complete that more closely resembles a novel than a checklist, it’s easy to let stress nestle into our lives. Once that happens, productivity levels are sure to plummet. For those struggling with these issues, here are some tips to take into consideration to better manage your days.

One More Hour
While we are all aware of the benefits of a full night’s sleep, many of us have all but given up on the idea of ever getting to enjoy eight unplugged hours. However, increasing your sleep time by just one hour could significantly affect your upcoming day. Going from 6.5 to 7.5 hours of sleep each night could help you retain memories more efficiently, experience lower stress levels and feel happier overall. These factors can weigh heavily on your productivity by allowing you to tackle your to-do lists with a fresh perspective.

Effective Planning
When getting ready for the day ahead, many of us compile to-do lists outlining whatever tasks we need to complete by bedtime. While this technique may work for some, for many people, items just end up piling on top of each other, never quite reaching ‘crossed off’ status, ultimately becoming an intimidatingly long document. In order to better schedule your day, categorize your activities by urgency, whether they are long term goals or things that can be done in a single sitting, and break down larger, more intimidating items into manageable chunks. Additionally, try estimating how long each item will take and figuring those blocks into your schedule, giving yourself some leeway to ensure you don’t overbook yourself.

Assistive Technologies
Devices such as smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the process of planning and keeping track of progress. With apps like Awesome Note, it’s easy to create simple, categorized task lists, while services like Google Calendar have made scheduling appointments and reminders a breeze. Moreover, there are features within these applications that allow voice-to-text translation and hands free operation, which can prove extremely useful for those with disabilities.

When feeling overwhelmed seems to be the norm, it’s time to take a moment to regroup. Trying to power through activities while struggling with an overworked mind and body can actually make you take longer to complete tasks than if you were to take a short break to relax, then come back to your item with a refreshed outlook.

Since we can’t add more hours to our days, it’s crucial to make the best use out of the time we do have. Using these productivity boosting tips might help you tackle those pesky chores in quicker, more effective ways, leaving more of your day to be spent doing really important things, like spending time with loved ones.