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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles: Manual Ramp Vs. Automatic Ramp

Manual Infloor Ramp

Side Entry VMI Northstar E Manual Wheelchair Accessible Ramp Van

Manual Wheelchair Accessible Ramp


  • Conversion costs less
  • Option of in-floor side access ramp or fold out rear access ramp


  • Not impossible to access the ramp, but hard to manually operate while seated in a wheelchair
  • No kneeling system


Automatic Infloor Ramp

Side Entry VMI Northstar Automatic Wheelchair Accessible Ramp Van

Automatic Wheelchair Accessible Ramp


  • Easy access whether in a wheelchair or not
  • Option of using a kneeling system
  • The key-fob (remote) can operate the ramp with the press of a button
  • Option of in floor or fold out ramp
  • Option of side entry or rear entry


  • Conversion costs more
  • If the vehicle experiences a power or an equipment failure you have to manually operate the ramp which can be difficult when in a wheelchair