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The Pros and Cons of Private Transportation

The Pros of Private Transportation
Having your own accessible vehicle can offer you the ease of being able to travel at any time to any place. It can also give you peace of mind that if there should ever be an emergency where you need to reach the hospital or simply return home, you would be able to do so immediately. Your own vehicle could also accommodate the exact needs of your family. If you need a wheelchair accessible vehicle, this can be altered to perfectly fit the size of the individual wheelchair.

The Cons of Private Transportation
The downside to your own transport is of course the cost and maintenance of a vehicle. However, there are many providers of good quality second hand/used vehicles which can save on costs. Wheelchair permit holders will further benefit from being able to park their vehicle for in a more convenient location. If you or your child has limited mobility then this can be a real plus point.

Are You Prepared For An Emergency?

An emergency can range from something relatively small such as getting locked out of your house, to something requiring a lot of preparation such as a blizzard or fire. Making sure you have a plan for as many situations that may come up in your life is the only sure way to make it easier.

Here are some starter ideas for prepping in case of an emergency.

Basic Supplies:

  • One gallon of water per day per person for at least three days
  • Non-perishable food supply for three days (including can opener if necessary)
  • Hand crank radio for emergency alerts
  • Flashlights and extra batteries
  • Whistle to signal for help
  • Dust mask
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Local maps
  • First aid kit

If you have a disability, here are some important things to also consider.

  • Pet food and supplies for service animal
  • Medication and medical supplies for at least a week
  • Backup equipment that can run in the event of a power outage
  • Extra eyeglasses, hearing aids, medical batteries, and oxygen
  • Medical records and cards
  • Family records and important documents in a waterproof/fireproof container
  • Operating guide for medical equipment
  • Emergency contacts list

Communicating with Family
Possibly the most important thing you can do to prepare is to talk about it. Share your plan with friends and family so that they are aware of what you will be doing in a certain situation. Giving them a copy of your plans and also copies of operating equipment if necessary will allow them to come to aid if need be.

Finally, make sure you are educated. Learn your local community warning system announcements so that you can be one step ahead. Enroll in assistance programs or find out how to contact them. And be aware as you go about your day. Find out what local hazards are more likely to presents themselves, such as robbery, flood zones, or tornadoes.

Using a few simple steps is all it takes to prep your house for an emergency. Although your plan and preparation might not be perfect, having something is always better than nothing.

Service Dogs

Service dogs can build your independence by boosting your mobility. These four-legged friends pull wheelchairs, function as a mobile cane for balance, and even perform many of the daily tasks you may have difficulty with.

While these “working dogs” are trained to retrieve dropped items, pull clothing on and off, and bring medication, their canine capabilities also prove to be essential in an emergency. For all of the reasons your furry friend is important to your daily routine, it’s equally important to ensure their safety during travel. Properly securing your service animal correctly in your vehicle can be a matter of life and death for both of you.

Just as you would secure your wheelchair with straps and other devices, you should secure your service animal properly and comfortably in your vehicle, as well. Be sure the car is properly ventilated and that crates or units are secured.

As a service dog usually stays by the owner’s side, a belt usually proves as the best option in securing your dog in the vehicle to guarantee his/her safety. Help your hound out with a body harness specifically made for canine car travel. Service vests can even be custom-made to better suit your animal and your vehicle.

Some dogs may get uncomfortable not being able to look out of the window and see where they are going, especially small dogs. The Snoozer Lookout helps satisfy your pooch’s curiosity and need to see. The Snoozer Lookout is a seat that allows your pet to sit higher while staying safely strapped in.

It goes without saying that properly securing your service animal not only keeps them safe from harm on the roadways, but also makes for a comfortable ride along with you.