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Vertical Lifts Make Homes Ultra-Accessible

Finding the home of your dreams can be one of the most exciting things in a person’s life. Whether you’ve always hoped to move in to an antique brick home or fantasized about a modern, sleek floor plan, everyone deserves the ability to live in his or her ideal space. Although many home-builders have designed fully accessible homes able to provide a barrier free lifestyle for those with disabilities, many houses pose an obstacle for those with disabilities or mobility impairments – stairs.

Installing a lift within your home can help you finally be able to call the house of your dreams your home. The following is information regarding a few types of available lifts, and how they can improve accessibility within your home.

Incline Platform Lifts
Designed to provide a safe and easy way for wheelchair users to ascend and descend stairs, platform lifts allows homeowners with disabilities to remain in their homes despite mobility limitations. Eliminating accessibility obstacles, incline platform lifts let users access upper levels without needing to transfer from their chairs by simply maneuvering their scooter or wheelchair onto the platform. Outdoor friendly models also allow families to enjoy their yards or decks all year long.

Vertical Platform Lifts
Durable, reliable and weather resistant, vertical platform lifts provide access to raised decks or porches. With a completely vertical ascension, these lifts operate similarly to elevators, and accommodate both scooters and wheelchairs. Ideal for families or individuals looking to enjoy plenty of time outdoors, in their yards, or catching some rays on sunny days, vertical lifts provide a solution for homes with limited accessibility.

Residential Elevators
While many of us see residential elevators as Jetsonesque amenities, these additions can help make a multi-level home infinitely more accessible. From single passenger to family sized options, these customizable solutions can be installed without the need for a pit or control room, and can transform your home into a wheelchair accessible haven.