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Ability List

Their mission is to connect the 56 million Americans with disAbilities – as well as those who support them – with the disability resources, organizations, and activities available in their hometowns.

The Problem
Searching for disability resources can be a difficult and incomplete practice and often results in a lot of time spent for very little resources found. The resulting disconnect can lead to the unnecessary isolation of people with disabilities.

Why is this happening?
First of all, there are a lot of great organizations providing resources and services to people with disabilities, but all too often they lack the support necessary to make their offerings known to those who need them most. Furthermore, they often lack the channels to work together. This results in the need to spend many valuable hours searching through countless websites in order for people to find the resources they want and need.

How It Works
AbilityList is the aggregation of all disability resources in a hometown combined with the empowering of users to share what they know, which in turn builds a thriving community of people who are sharing and finding everything they need to fully unite and live full lives. It is comprised of:

A Complete and Accessible Directory
AbilityList provides users with a one-stop directory where they can easily find all of the available resources, organizations and programs available to them in their hometown. No more jumping from site to site. No more wasting time. Only the most relevant and valuable results.

Automatic Updates That Empower
Users can sign up for AbilityList’s simple subscriptions that will automatically funnel relevant updates and information directly to their email/account.

A Community That Shares
Our platform will help people find what they need, and more importantly, share the helpful resources they know of in their community. This will empower users to support each other and ensure that our platform stays relevant and always up to date.