Sure Deploy

VMI introduces a new electronic primary backup system. The SURE DEPLOY* gives the customer a simple way to operate the VMI Northstar In-Floor ramp when the standard electronic control system is not functioning.


  • As of July 1, 2007 all Chrysler/Dodge minivans with the Northstar in-floor ramp, are being produced with the SURE DEPLOY installed as standard equipment.
  • It bypasses the VMI 5 control system as well as other existing system elements
  • A backup battery, independent of the vehicle 12V system provides continuous power to the SURE DEPLOY system
  • The backup battery is charged from the vehicle electrical system using a built in “smart” charger and charges primarily when the vehicle is running
  • Eliminates physical exertion required by the customer to operate the manual crank to deploy the Northstar ramp
  • Operation is controlled by a simple mounted key pad strategically located to be easily accessible from either inside or outside of the vehicle, on the
C Pillar
  • Basic protections are built into the controls to prevent inadvertent operation and to prevent children from easily operating the now primary backup system
  • In a recent product demonstration, 9 out of 10 dealers recommended that VMI offer the SURE DEPLOY as standard equipment.
  • Patent Pending

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