Reviewing the Honda Mobility Equipment Program for Disabled Drivers

Reviewing the Honda Mobility Program for Disabled Drivers


The Honda Customer Mobility Assistance Program

Honda recognizes the additional expenses associated with owning an adaptive vehicle and has established a special program designed to defer some of the expenses associated with vehicle conversion. If you’re considering the purchase of a Honda wheelchair van, you will want to take advantage of this program.

The Customer Mobility Assistance Program provides buyers with reimbursement for up to $1,000 in expenses related to the installation of qualifying equipment on any leased or purchased Honda vehicle. It is not the most substantial assistance program available, but it can be used in conjunction with other benefits and most people will qualify for the program rather easily.

Customer Mobility Assistance Program Details

Here’s what you need to know about the program:

  • You can get program application forms from any Honda dealer. Alternatively, they are available via the Internet at Honda’s website.
  • Honda’s warranties do not extend to cover any installed adaptive equipment.
  • The reimbursement applies to any modifications that have National Highway Traffic Association approval.
  • Reimbursements do not apply to fleet vehicles or used Hondas.
  • Honda provides a reimbursement check within four weeks of receiving the required documentation for your wheelchair van’s conversion.
  • Only those who purchase or lease a new Honda are eligible for the program and it’s limited to vehicles that are still within the period of the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Your conversion modifications will not invalidate your Honda warranty. However, if the equipment is a cause of damage or the source of a later problem with the vehicle, your warranty may no longer cover that specific repair.
  • You have six months to request reimbursement after the installation of the equipment.

Reviewing the Program

While $1,000 won’t come close to covering the full cost of a wheelchair conversion, it would be foolish to overlook this program when purchasing a new Honda. It basically guarantees repayment for $1,000 of your personal expenses. Unless you’re in the habit of turning down $1,000 gifts, you should sign up and learn about the documentation you’ll need to provide in order to obtain your rebate.

Here are a few important things to remember about Honda’s program:

  • It is a reimbursement program. You won’t receive cash up-front to pay for your vehicle’s modifications. You’ll need to have the work done and to pay for it before Honda will supply you with the check.
  • The program does have precise documentation requirements. Don’t assume that you’ll be able to stop by to pick up a quick check at your local Honda dealership with a few receipts five months and twenty-nine days after you pay for the conversions. You need to follow their procedures.
  • You still make all conversion decisions. Your eligibility is based on making NHTSA-approved modifications. Beyond that simple requirement, Toyota does not rate, screen or refuse payment for adaptations.

A Word for Veterans

Although programs like Honda’s can be a real help, there are other options to help pay for your wheelchair van and conversions. Many veterans need specially modified vehicles, but they don’t realize that they may be able to get government assistance to defray the cost of their Element or Odyssey.

Service-connected veterans qualify for automotive assistance if they have experienced a loss of their hands or feet. They’re also eligible based on a permanent vision impairment, damage to one or both knees or damage to one or both hips.

Veterans who are non-service-connected may still qualify for benefits. Determinations are usually made on the basis of the rating of a service-related disability. Usually, these benefits are extended exclusively for equipment and modifications that don’t involve operational equipment. In other words, one may get assistance in having an Odyssey’s floor lowered, but the VA will not cover hand controls for the driver.

If someone qualifies, the Veterans Administration may put up to $19,500 toward your Honda wheelchair van. There are a variety of limitations associated with the exact nature of the spending and qualifications, but overall it is a solid benefit that can provide tremendous assistance. If you’re interested in details, the policy is outlined in the VA Handbook in section 1173.4. You can also find your nearest regional VA office by calling 1-800-827-1000


Purchasing a wheelchair van and covering the price of its conversion can be a financial challenge. Honda is ready to help by providing up to $1,000 in reimbursement. Anyone purchasing a Honda disability vehicle should sign up for their reimbursement program.

Meanwhile, it’s important to investigate other programs and options. The potential for veterans of the armed services to receive assistance from the Veterans Administration is a perfect example of a great opportunity that’s overlook too often. One should always investigate the programs for which they may be eligible. That’s the best way to control costs when converting a Honda for use as a wheelchair van.

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