Rear-entry wheelchair van ramp conversions

Rear-entry wheelchair vans and handicap accessible vans have a lowered floor that extends from the rear of the vehicle to the front seats.  These conversions feature a wheelchair ramp at the rear hatch.  Rear-entry wheelchair vans can be configured to transport up to 2 wheelchairs, depending on the conversion chosen and the size of the wheelchairs.  Available with a  power or manual wheelchair ramp, rear-entryhandicap accessible vans are  generally more economical that side-entry wheelchair vans.  Rear-entry wheelchair vans have excellent ground clearance, making them perfect for our tough New England winters.  While thay aren’t a good choice for those who want to drive from their wheelchairs or ride in their wheelchairs in the front passenger area, rear entry handicap vans work well for those who need to transport individuals with very long wheelchairs or children in wheelchairs.  Because of the location of the wheelchair ramp, these vehicles can fit in any parking space and still make loading and unloading of wheelchair passengers a cinch.  Rear-entry handicap vans are ideal when handicap accessible parking is not available.

Greater Accessibility and Ease of Use
The benefits that come from a rear entry van are pretty big when it comes to both usability and accessibility. First and foremost, accessing the van from the rear actually allows for a wider ramp and a wider opening for access to the van, which is perfect for bulkier power chair models. In addition, rear access means that the actual access ramp itself can be longer, allowing an easier climb into the vehicle. And, because no side clearance is required, customers can park anywhere–even outside of the typical handicap parking space–without encountering maneuverability or space issues.

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