How to Buy a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle in New England and Save Time and Money

How to Buy a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle in New England and Save Time and Money

Maintenance is an inevitability with any vehicle, and the specialized parts of any wheelchair accessible vehicles can make finding a location for service and repairs difficult. This is not an issue with Vmi New England and Automotive Innovations. For over 25 years we have received specialized training in repairing and servicing wheelchair-accessible vehicles, wheelchair ramps and lifts, and any other accessory, no matter the model. A relationship with us can be the first step to maintaining a properly functioning vehicle.

VMi New England Service Department

wheelchair accessible vehicle is a specialty vehicle and is different from your neighbor’s sedan. Purchasing online can make finding a repair and maintenance location a less straightforward process. A purchase from a Vmi New England and Automotive Innovations is a promise for maintenance at the same location (we have been in he same town for over 20 years).

VMi New England Wheelchair Showroom

No two people or wheelchairs are the same, and with that no two vehicles are the same. With the hundreds of options available for a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, they can be made to fit any variety of needs. How do I know what options I want, what height I need my vehicle to be, or what preferences I have? Find out first hand what van or ramp combination fits you best. Come try a VMI Summit, a VMI Northstar Toyota Sienna 360 or VMI Honda Odyssey may fit you better than a  BraunAbility Toyota with Quiet Drive and or the new BraunAbility Honda Odyssey


Find out and see first hand why grey market online converted vans are not the value they might appear to be

Rollx 2011 Honda

Nothing wrong with this van according to several internet mobility experts

Online shopping limits the buyer to taking the word of the seller at face value, but at Vmi New England all of these options can be tried out firsthand. 

It is important that an investment as big as a mobility vehicle is perfect for you, so it is a good idea to try out what fits your style best.

Vmi New England will work closely with you to help determine how you can qualify for the maximum amount of available manufacturer rebates as well as state & federal tax deductions. Both are excellent ways to save money, but the rules & requirements can be difficult to navigate if you don’t have experience applying for them. We’ve helped many customers receive these incentives and know exactly which steps you need to take to ensure the best chance of receiving them yourself. That level of service is hard to match online.

The internet is a fantastic research tool and can help you decide what vehicle is perfect for you, but no one vehicle is a one-size-fits-all match. 

Come visit Vmi New England where everyday is a Abilities Expo we are just a short ride away from Boson and try all the best mobility vehicles available out personally to make sure it is the perfect one for you. 

It is your life, your money, and you should get a vehicle that comes with great service, guaranteed maintenance, and fits like a glove.

Need some information on how to make your vehicle wheelchair accessible or upgraded with the latest and most convenient features?