How Do I Select the Right Vehicle Modification for My Toyota Wheelchair Van?

2013 Toyota Sienna VMi New England Massachusetts VMi New England Northstar Access360 Conversion On The Toyota Sienna

How Do I Select the Right Vehicle Modification for My Toyota Wheelchair Van?

Choosing the right adaptations for your Sienna wheelchair minivan will make all of the difference in world. Having a Toyota wheelchair van converted based upon your exact individual needs is the best way to maximize accessibility and to experience years of safe, comfortable driving. The process of selecting modifications should be based on three principals: Consultation, Accurate Information and Communication.

VMi New England Northstar Access360 Conversion On The Toyota Sienna 


You may know more about your personal needs than anyone in the world but that doesn’t make you an expert on the subject of wheelchair van modifications. The information you have about your preferences, strengths and limitations will be integral to the process, but in order to do things the right way, you’ll want to involve the professionals at VMi New England.

One of the most important players in selecting the right modifications for your Toyota will be Jim Sanders one of the qualified people in the country at building driving equipment and vans for passengers and individuals who drive from a wheelchair. . He has more than 25 years of specialized training to assess a driver’s individual circumstances in order to determine which adaptations will allow them to get the most from their van.

A good evaluator may have a few years of experience assessing your strength, coordination, range of motion, reflexes, stamina and other physical factors involved in driving. But have no experience when it comes to building and fitting custom adaptations to your specific needs. He or she may be able to investigate your decision making and judgment as it applies to driving. That information will allow the evaluator to produce an extensive report outlining the adaptations that will best meet your individual needs.

Jim has been doing all of the above longer than anyone else in all of New England and some would say most of the Untied States.

Setting up a consultation shouldn’t be particularly problematic. You can find him most days at what has been called the best equipped mobility dealership in all of New England located in Bridgewater Massachusetts. Where every day is a Abilities Expo. Alternatively if you already bought a van from a different mobility equipment dealer, feel free to call upon the experts at VMi New England to have there certified professional staff repair, service and or improve upon what you already have.

When we preform modifications to your Toyota wheelchair van its always a team process where everyone has a in depth understanding of your needs and vision.



You should see a common thread running through our outline of the modification selection process. You will be an active communicator when preparing for the conversion of your Toyota wheelchair van. Open, honest and accurate communication is one of the best ways to get the best possible results.

Asking and answering questions at all levels, along with a willingness to share your perspectives and expectations with everyone involved in the process allows us to build you the best van possible. Converting a Sienna for wheelchair use isn’t a cookie cutter proposition. It’s not something you get from a new car dealer, a used car dealer, or a internet direct seller of grey market wheelchair vans. Different people require different adaptations and you want to make sure that the final product of these efforts delivers exactly what you need it to deliver.

When everyone involved understands you and what you need, you’re more likely to choose and experience the optimal mix of modifications for your Toyota wheelchair van.

You need to be involved in consultation with someone like Jim, as well as those making the modifications and equipment installations. You must supply all parties with the best possible information at all stages of the adaptation process. A commitment to outstanding communication needs to be part of everything that happens, as well. If those three principals direct your selection of modifications, you’re certain to find yourself behind the wheel of the perfect Toyota wheelchair van for you.

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