Hints & Tips For Selling your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Online


Considering you are usually only offered to post 8 photos it’s a good idea is to allocate at least 3 to the exterior of your wheelchair accessible vehicle. You should take these pictures from different angles that reveal the handicap van in its best light. For example you should take one of the front and rear of the vehicle whether it is a full front/rear shot or ¾ front/rrear and side shot. For a third picture you can take a full side shot,  or whatever angles you believe are best.

A good interior shot that shows the condition of the dash board and front seats as a minimum is highly recommended. If the wheelchair van has a clean, well presented interior the buyer needs to see it, as this is an area where wear and tear will be evident on the handicap van if not looked after. You should also capture the space available with the type of wheelchair ramp/lift.

Engine bay
Most buyers are going to want to see whats under the hood at some stage – pre-empting this and providing a good clean shot of a good clean engine is an excellent way to instil confidence in the buyer that the handicap van is well looked after. Best done after steam cleaning or degreasing and washing of the engine bay.

The trunk or cargo area of the handicap van is other potential high wear area which if in good condition is worth showing to buyers.

If the handicap van is fitted with after-market or factory accessories that will enhance the handicap van in the eyes of the buyer then ensure these are obvious in the exterior and interior photos. It may be a good idea to have a close up shot of a certain handicap accessible modification such lowered floors and handicap ramps.

Pre-existing damage/scratches 
If your handicap van has dents or scratches on the body work it is probably a good idea to show them in photos as they will then have a good idea of the vehicles condition. This may turn some buyers off, but those who do contact you will be more likely to follow through with the purchase as they have already factored this in to their offer.


There is no limit to the amount of text you can include with your advert so be sure to list all relevant modifications and extras so as to fully inform buyers as to all the features, options and modifications. – don’t hold back – it doesn’t cost any more to be comprehensive!

Advertising using the direct URL
The direct URL is the key to getting buyers to see your handicap van online, the basic idea is to include it everywhere you advertise your wheelchair van, so that buyers who ready your classified adverts can then log on to the Internet and see your photos and extra details.

Examples of where to advertise your Handicap Vans URL include:

  • Local newspapers
  • Where you place other online classifieds that don’t include photos or as much detail
  • trader type magazines

Virus or scam alert

Buyer / Seller Scams
We’ve been alerted to a scam which operates in the following way: An overseas buyer offers to buy your car. They will want to send you a check for an amount in excess of the purchase price of your car and will ask you to send the change back to them or to pay the change to a local shipping agent. There are several variations on the theme. If you get an offer like this from overseas, we recommend that you be alert to a possible scam.

Another scam operates as follows: Typically a car/bike/boat, etc will be offered for sale at a very low price. The seller will say that the item is located overseas or in a location that makes it difficult to inspect the item. The seller will ask you to send them a deposit or pay for the item before they will arrange to send it to you. If you get an offer like this, we recommend that you be alert to a possible scam.

We wish you the best of luck in advertising your handicap van and if you need any help keep in mind we sell on consignment and are always here to help!

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