Auto Body Shop

Our standards are simple: repair vehicles so expertly that no one can tell they were ever in an accident. We guarantee our auto body repair work.

We use original manufacturer parts, factory specs, and precision assembly to rebuild damaged cars.

Cars are designed more safely today than ever before. Our collision repair services carefully and expertly rebuild crash design into your car.

Your car’s performance (how it steers, handles, operates) and appearance will be restored to pre-accident condition.

If you’re looking for increased value, we can install used or aftermarket parts. Our auto body repair experts will help find a solution that fits your budget.

Our auto body repair services all vehicles including wheelchair accessible vans (all makes & models) along with all types of mobility equipment. We service and repair mobility vehicles. We perform body shop service, rust prevention, rust repair and warranty work on all the vehicles & products we sell. We repair wheelchair lifts in vans & buses for both private and commercial customers.

Our wheelchair van body shop
 has an in house down draft spray booth we can assist you with auto body repair as well as work with insurance companies to be sure you get the proper support in repairing damaged wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Surface Repair
In many cases, a car’s existing finish provides an excellent surface for new paint. However, often times a car will need extra attention before the new paint can be applied.

Some surface damage such as cracking, peeling or excessive chipping can only be corrected by completely removing of the old finish or paint. Cracks and peeling require stripping since they penetrate to the bare metal and sanding alone is not enough.

Dent Repair
Those minor dents, dings, scratches and chips from shopping carts, other vehicles, tree branches and other inconveniences are irritating and unsightly, but often aren’t worth repairing when you have a high insurance deductible. We can provide a cost-effective solution for removing those dents and dings.

Not all auto body repair facilities are the same, so make sure you’re taking your vehicle to a licensed and trusted body shop that only uses the finest products and most advanced technologies, providing perfect color, pattern, and texture matches (like us!).

Bumper Repair or Replacement
Depending on your car, and your plans for it, you may need to remove or repair the bumper. Doing this guarantees the best paint coverage, prevents any overspray on the car, and ensures there will be no paint bridging the gap between the bumper and the rest of the car.

Our experienced technicians repair peeling, torn and dented bumpers for much less than other auto body repair shops. We expertly paint match the color of your bumper, using the highest quality paints to keep it looking like new.

Our standard practice is to use only original equipment (OE) parts. In some cases – if the car is older, if OE parts aren’t available or if you or your insurance company want to economize – we can provide either used or aftermarket parts.

Expert Frame Work

Our staff will fix any frame issue that you may have from an accident or damage to your car with our professional equipment.

Glass Repair

We’ll install your new auto glass with no problem. We have certified glass experts that will make sure the seal is 100% solid. We honor all auto glass insurance discounts.

A+ Paints
We specialize in color matching and have multiple dust free, fresh air spray booths.

Our company offers a wide arrange of services including hand car washing, buffing, and thorough interior cleaning services.

Our interior detailing packages include vacuuming, shampooing, stain removal, fabric protectant, odor removal, pet hair removal, leather cleaning and conditioning, vinyl, plastic, and rubber conditioning, window polishing and more.

Our exterior packages include washing, chamois drying, bug, tar, sap and road grime removal, overspray removal, engine detailing, waxing, paint protection, compounding, polishing, wet sanding, scratch removal, swirl mark removal, paint correction, restoration and more.

We offer a variety of services from windshield and body repair to paint matching and insurance claim processing. Our state-of-the-art facility features equipment and technicians dedicated to collision repair for your automobiles. We specialize in all makes and models.

Below are some of the services we offer here.
·All Makes and Models
·Auto Glass Installation
·Color Matching
·Expert Frame Work
·Front End Alignment
·Wheelchair vans & Wheelchair Busses
·Insurance Claims Assistance
·Paint-less Dent Repair
·Mechanical Repairs
·Car Sales
·And Much More