adaptive mobility equipment: WHAT YOU SHOULD TELL YOUR MOBILITY DEALER

Know your measurements

You should know how tall you sit in your wheelchair, measuring from head to ground. You should also know the overall length and width of your chair. If possible, use the chair you intend to travel in when you visit the dealer, and be sure to let the dealer know if you plan on purchasing a different wheelchair in the foreseeable future.

These dimensions will help your dealer determine the modifications you need. For example, the door height of a standard unconverted full size van is 48 inches; the minivan average is 44 inches. There is no easy way for a person in a wheelchair to use either type of vehicle without it being converted. Knowing these door heights and your height will tell the dealer what vehicles you will best fit into and or to what level the vehicle needs to be converted.

Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. Remember, it is easier to change at this stage than after the vehicle is built. When you at a mobility dealership like VMi New England, there many different types of vehicles available for you to try out first hand. This is an ever-changing industry, and new products are being introduced every day.

Ask us about our adaptive mobility equipment service and warranty programs.

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